We love having All About Atlanta guides at our hotel. The maps are great and easy for the guest to follow, and we can always hand the guide to families. You never have to worry about any inappropriate content, and there is always a good mix of the most popular attractions as well as a few places you cannot find in the other guides.

Jennifer Brown
Service Express, The Westin Buckhead

We have been advertising Bear's Best with All About Atlanta for five years. We chose All About Atlanta over the other mediums that target visitors for many reasons. The main two reasons we chose All About Atlanta is their target market and their price. Unlike these other magazines who target everyone that comes to town, All About Atlanta only reaches those high end visitors who choose to use a small print directory. Obviously there are those who will use other mediums like smart phone apps but those aren't the people who are using the All About Atlanta guide. While we target high end locals as well, we have to use "promotions" to entice them. When it comes to the high end visitors, all we have to do is make them aware we exist and they drive from the city out to us. Finally, All About Atlanta is substantially less expensive than all its competitors, especially those with the topless bars. Maybe All About Atlanta costs less because they have fewer employees or can print a smaller volume as they only reach the higher priced visitor. Perhaps it's both. Never the less, they hit the right market for us and do it for less money than everyone else. I recommend advertising in All About Atlanta to any company that wants these more affluent visitors.

Craig Riddle
Bear's Best

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with copies of All About Atlanta Magazine. The Hallmark is a 20 story upscale senior living community located across the street from Phipps. We are home to residents from around the world blended with those who are originally from Buckhead. Our community is an active one taking advantage of outings throughout the city. Our residents greatly appreciated the information your recent publication provided. It’s the right size, brimming with tasteful, appropriate and useful content. We are happy to distribute to our residents at their door as well as display to our guests in our library, bistro and at our 24 hour concierge desk. It is our hope to continue receiving All About Atlanta Magazine. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Darlene Carr
Resident Services Director
The Hallmark Buckhead

Working with George Bass and All About Atlanta has not only been a great experience by, advertising in the hand-held publication that has brought about a great return on investment but; working with George, a business owner that is a hard worker and displays a high level of integrity rarely seen in present day business owners, has created a great partnership with Atlanta Cyclorama that spans over 10 years! All About Atlanta is without question a company’s answer for attractive print advertising that can travel with a consumer “on the go” simply due to All About Atlanta’s convenient size. In addition, the layout and masterful images that are utilized in the publication will easily entice any tourist to take advantage of the attractions and restaurants that are listed on the pages of All About Atlanta.

Yakingma Robinson
Atlanta Cyclorama

I had been given the task of gathering information for our clients attending an upcoming corporate conference. With there being so much to choose from in the amazing city, it felt very daunting. We wanted to provide our clients with an easy to use means of sourcing quality restaurants, retail, and services so using All About Atlanta to help our clients do just that seemed like a perfect fit. All About Atlanta has a fantastic website and published brochures! The brochures are going to be in each client’s room so that they may have a very easy to follow guide with maps, phone numbers, and websites to explore Atlanta. All About Atlanta helps to showcase Atlanta’s most popular attractions and restaurants while also giving spot light to hidden treasures only known by locals. In communicating with All About Atlanta staff, they are professional, prompt, and are fantastic to work with. In short All About Atlanta is a wonderful company with a solid service and should be utilized by visitors and locals alike!

Alana Arcand
Customer Care Representative
MD Logic, Inc

Being the Operating Partner for Maggiano’s in Atlanta, my job was to open the Atlanta market for the concept. This job had me wearing many hats over the course of a decade. I was the construction supervisor.(although we had one who actually did the full spectrum of responsibilities of that job), the manager, the coach, the trainer, the salesperson, the repair guy, A/V tech...you name the hat, I wore it many times. One of my many hats was that of the publicist/advertising manager. From agency selection to ad placements to creative approval, I was given the responsibility to utilize the funds allocated in the budget marked for advertising/PR, and find the vehicles best suited to accomplish our objectives. As Atlanta grew and Maggiano’s business grew, I was able to get a good sense of who our client was and where they were coming from. With both locations situated in densely populated business centers with strong hotel presence, we drew a strong and highly significant amount of our business from the visitor and business traveler market. Especially for weekday dining, it was important to reach these clients and create an awareness of our locations. The business/visitor market had quite a few vehicles to create this awareness. There were magazine format issues like Guest Informant, Where Magazine, Business to Business, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, etc .There were also non traditional vehicles like restaurant card racks in the hotel lobbies and concierge services to utilize. Television was always too expensive and little bang for the buck. Of all the vehicles available to me, the one that seemingly felt to have the best visibility, layout, format and distribution....was All About Atlanta. When George presented me with his product, I initially liked it...but then again, I liked several other things as well. After deliberating through all the choices and deals, I decided to include the All About Atlanta product in my marketing program. It had a lot of positives going for it. The size and layout well designed. It was compact enough to fit in a briefcase/purse/pocket, yet large enough to hold quite a bit of content at a size comfortable to read. It contained everything you would want to know when staying in a different city. Additionally, it had an owner that stood behind the product and worked “hands on” to assure the distribution and availability of the product was what was promised in the initial presentation. Being a restaurant manager, I didn’t have the time to continually monitor the distribution and significance of each vehicle I chose to spend the dollars on, I was busy running a restaurant. I was, however, able to get a strong sense, without concrete data, as to what was working, and what was not. Clearly, of all the vehicles I have used throughout the past 10 years, I can say without hesitation, that All About Atlanta was one of the best and most significant resources for advertising I have placed in the Atlanta market. When I had time, every now and then, to get to the malls or while going through the airport when traveling, I often would check up on my advertising vendors to make sure they were actually doing what it is they said they were doing. The All About Atlanta was always highly visible and always available. Because I had an array of hotels around both Maggiano’s locations, I developed many strong relationships with the key people in many of the hotels, namely the concierge and front desk people. There were countless occasions that I have been told that the All About Atlanta product was the best one on the streets yet. I have received that feedback from hotel concierges, mall concierges, event planners and customers as well. Of course, it also is helpful to actually see the product out there, being used. Again, I would see on many occasions, the product on the dining room tables, being used by customers visiting and stopping in having dinner. I have seen it being used by people in the malls. I have seen it being used by people at the ball park. I even found myself utilizing it when deciding what my wife and I may want to do or where to go when we were lucky enough to secure a baby sitter. I actually saw that this thing was being used!

When planning the budget from year to year, creating objectives and goals tied to ad and PR efforts, the targeted markets were identified and analyzed for significance, potential dollars gained or lost, and overall impact on Maggiano’s business. It was clear to me, as the years passed, that as my objectives changed, my choices for where I would place my advertising dollars changed. Aside from the dollars allocated for agency and PR fees, The All About Atlanta placement was the only other collateral piece that I renewed every year. It was a wise and cost effective placement of the ad dollars I had available to me. It had strong legs and significant market presence. To date, the visitor/business segment is the strongest component of the total Maggiano’s income pie. To avoid or not pay the proper amount of attention to this most significant segment would be an inexcusable and most costly error. Diners travel and eat everyday, lunch or dinner, seven days a week. The hardest thing to do when growing your business, is to get those customers that have no idea where to go, to choose Maggiano’s over another restaurant or room service. The All About Atlanta product is one of the strongest tools to help accomplish that goal. I highly recommend including George and his publication into any marketing plan and mark those dollars in any advertising budget. They will be considered as some of the best and most effective dollars spent!

Mike Grisham

As the Head Concierge at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, I have found All About Atlanta to be an invaluable tool when it comes to helping the higher end business traveler. While it is always a Concierge’s job to be of assistance to our guests, there are times when multiple guests arrive at the same time and demand my attention simultaneously. Almost inevitably, these guests pick up All About Atlanta and start looking through them.

The magazine is small, 3” X 8” so that it fits right into a man’s breast pocket or a woman’s handbag. The guests don’t want to read articles about Atlanta they want to know All About Atlanta. They want to know where to go and how to get there. This little guide, All About Atlanta, showcases the establishments that are targeting upscale business travelers and leisure visitors. These visitors are actively using this guide to choose where they want to show their patronage.

Many times guests will come to me with an All About Atlanta open and ask me what I think of the establishments that advertise (and since they are all upstanding businesses - All About Atlanta doesn’t have any adult entertainment advertisers, just nice restaurants, retail, cultural etc. - I always let the guests know how good these places are.

When I opened my own company, The Spa at Paces, that has a market component which targets the upscale business traveler, there was no question in my mind which publication to use. I chose All About Atlanta because of my past three years experience watching how visitors use All About Atlanta to make purchasing decisions.

I whole heatedly recommend All About Atlanta to anyone wanting to reach the upscale business traveler and leisure visitor.

Willie Dickey
The Spa on Paces

It’s Karon Lutz, the Head Concierge at the Renaissance Waverly. All About Atlanta is a fantastic magazine. We’ve been distributing it here at the Renaissance since 1999 and have only had rave reviews. Not only is it the perfect size for our guests to carry away but it only has ads, maps and directories. Our guests don’t want large magazines with lots of text. They want to know where to go and how to get there.

I remember talking with you, George, about how business travelers and leisure visitors don’t want to spend a lot of time reading articles but would rather have upscale restaurants, shops, antiques, services and cultural venues, listed in an easy to read pocket format. You were and are exactly correct.

When guests leave here with a copy of All About Atlanta, they are using it to find someplace specific to go. Unlike these large maps which are bulky and cumbersome or long magazines through which people have to sift through to find an ad, I watch people leaving here pointing to one of the company’s that are advertising in All About Atlanta and heading out to find them.

Oh yes, all of the advertisers in All About Atlanta are the nicer restaurants and shops in Atlanta and that there aren’t any adult entertainment venues in All About Atlanta.

All About Atlanta is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone who wanted to reach the upscale business traveler or leisure visitor.

Karon Lutz
Renaissance Waverly

To Whom it May Concern: After I saw All About Atlanta I knew that it was the perfect magazine for my Sorority reunion. It was the perfect size for our folder insert and I know all the ladies from out of town were keeping them in their handbags and using them to tour the city. I had spent an afternoon looking at all the other publications for visitors and was terribly disappointed. All the other magazines had adult entertainment or were just filled with long winded articles that just seemed to take up space. In addition, they were close to 100 pages and when I would fold them into thirds so I could carry them around, they became three times as thick and didn’t travel well at all. I did see a map product but it was so terribly difficult to re-fold and it wasn’t particularly well drawn. Plus, when I did have it unfolded it was the size of a small poster and not easy to use, especially if there was any wind at all. All About Atlanta fit all the bills! The advertisers were the upscale businesses that my sorority sisters would want to patronize, there was a cultural section as opposed to a section for nude bars, it was the right size to fit a lady’s handbag, and it was very easy to use. I was so impressed that I have just asked for another 250 All About Atlanta’s for my upcoming family reunion. As an office manager for a law firm in Atlanta who has used this product, I would have to recommend it to anyone who wants to target the upscale visitor to Atlanta. I’d especially recommend it over the other publications and maps that I saw when I sourced visitor magazines appropriate for an upscale audience who wants to have something that travels well.

Roz Gordon.

To whom it may concern:

As a sales representative for the Omni Hotel at CNN Center, I appreciate having All About Atlanta magazine as a collateral piece to help me secure new business. All About Atlanta is perfect for the Omni Hotel since it is a professional pocket-sized publication that showcases businesses that target the upscale business traveler/leisure visitor. From a personal standpoint, the concierge desk at the Omni is only a few steps away from our offices. It just takes a casual stroll by our concierge to see our guests using All About Atlanta magazines to find their way around town. Since I began us in All About Atlanta magazines to sell Atlanta to our visitors, I can see how the advertisers in the magazine receive a great benefit! I would absolutely recommend any advertiser who wants to target the upscale business traveler or leisure visitor to work with All About Atlanta magazine.

Deborah Porcher
Omni Hotel

Having been a franchisor, franchisee and independent restauranteur before starting Heilpern Hospitality, I learned very quickly how to gauge quality publications. After writing an article for my website regarding when to use Public Relations Firms, I realized that I was describing All About Atlanta to a tee. All About Atlanta targets the affluent transient market. Unlike other Atlanta publications (such as Where and Now) which implement a shotgun method of distribution and feature articles instead of ads, All About Atlanta directly targets the niche market of upscale travelers in a clear and easy to carry, directory format. For an upscale restaurant who is spending time and money trying to capture the local 1, 3 and 5 mile radius resident and finding that they are hard in coming, switch your attention to the price elastic visitor who must eat and is bringing additional covers with him as he doesn’t eat alone. Add to this that he’s a Monday through Thursday cover, the time when you’re usually you’re slowest and you’ve got a winning combination. I recommend to all my Atlanta clients located in downtown, midtown, Buckhead or Top End that they advertise in All About Atlanta.

Jerry Heilpern
Heilpern Group

My name is Claudia Mashburn and for the past 20 years I have been the head concierge at the Marriott Marquis. During my tenure, I have seen many different publications, but one of my favorites is All About Atlanta. I remember in 1995 when George started delivering All About Atlanta magazines to us. They were little 3X8 directories. They were very sharp and featured all the nicer restaurants, shops and services that our clients would want to see. In addition, there were very good maps that, unlike others I had seen, were comprehensive and useful in helping show our guests where to go. All About Atlanta didn’t and still doesn’t have any adult entertainment advertisers so I could always hand them out to our female guests without an embarassing moment.

George always makes sure that we have enough All About Atlanta magazines. The guests use them, we like them and I can absolutely see that anyone who advertises in All About Atlanta would see business. George, thank you for printing these wonderful magazines.

Claudia Mashburn
Marriott Marquis

My name is Sampson Andemariam and I work the guest services desk for the Crowne Plaza Ravina. For as long as I can remember, George has been delivering All About Atlantas here and the guests love them. We hand out 500 or so every month and the people to whom we hand them are physically going places looking to spend money. They’re going out to eat, they’re going out to shop, and they’re going out to be entertained. Think about it, our guests don’t have kitchens. In addition, our guests have time and credit cards. All About Atlantas are perfect travel size and they have nice maps. I like the All About Atlanta magazines very much.

Sampson Andermarian
Crowne Plaza Ravina

All About Atlanta is fantastic. For as long as I’ve worked at the Customer Service Information Booth at the Underground Atlanta, I’ve never seen a magazine that is this popular. They literally fly off the shelves as I’m constantly re-stocking them. Now there are other good publications that we have here but I believe that because of their size, the name, the layout, the caliber of advertisers, the maps and the general feel that All About Atlanta is truly the best visitor’s directory that we have. I would be hard pressed to see any advertiser not getting business from having an advertisement in All About Atlanta. People pick them up to find where to go. They aren’t looking for long winded articles, they want to see the ads. All About Atlanta delivers just that.

Kim Robertson
Underground Atlanta

I just wanted to thank you for sending me your magazine, All About Atlanta. This is perfect for my clients who are relocating to Georgia. All About Atlanta showcases many wonderful advertisers in Atlanta that as a local, I wasn’t aware of. I can only imagine that in addition to the upscale visitors benefiting from finding out about these great restaurants, retail, services and attractions that the advertisers would benefit as well. Your guide is clear and professional and I can feel comfortable adding it to my client’s relocation packet. I have seen other visitor’s guide that have questionable advertisers and haven’t felt good about including them. Plus, your size fits into our package so much better than a magazine format. I could refer my clients to various log-on websites, but, it is nothing like having quality information on hand to invite our visitors to the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for publishing All About Atlanta. I’ve looked through many visitor’s guides to Atlanta and yours is the best.

Christine Martin
Georgia Relocation Group

I enjoyed meeting with you yesterday regarding our renewal. As you know this is our third year with All About Atlanta and I am very pleased with all that you and your magazine have done for us.

Since the economy started slowing down, we realized that in order to entice the local market we had to offer them discount packages. This isn’t good for profitability and it feels as if we have to bribe local people to come. It is very apparent to us that, having a higher than average price point, we needed to focus on more of a corporate client and the niche of upscale business travelers/leisure visitor is exactly who we’re looking for.

The All About Atlanta reader comes in Monday through Thursday and couldn’t care less about price. In fact, we’ve changed our campaign to more specifically target this group because every time six guys in suits and out of state platinum American Express cards generated by All About Atlanta show up at Andretti they aren’t interested in saving a few dollars, they want to be taken care of.

The article you have hyperlinked on your website is dead on when it says that businesses in a city with access to this market should emphasize targeting the affluent transient as opposed to the local market since the locals, who are price in-elastic already know we’re here and return because of good service. I absolutely agree that the upscale business traveler is price elastic as we’ve seen it time and again.

Again, your product, All About Atlanta, hits the perfect market for us or anyone who during a slow economy doesn’t want to waste valuable advertising dollars catering to a tight local market as opposed to the mindset of an upscale visitor.

Joe Dziemianzuk
Andretti Speed Lab

To anyone reading this letter regarding All About Atlanta, they’re outstanding! As an owner and manager of Eaglerider Atlanta I needed to make sure that my advertising dollars were well spent. I wanted to devise a tracking mechanism for our ad with All About Atlanta and I suggested a discounted coupon. George then said something that I’ll never forget. He said that this market of upscale visitors doesn’t care about price so if you want to track, charge them more on the ad than the actual cost of the rental. That way when people call in and ask for the higher price you’ll know All About Atlanta generated these sales. Well, he was absolutely right. Even so, we always offered the correct price when the All About Atlanta driven business came in. In addition, George created our ad for us at no charge. I’ve had Advertising Agencies quote me hundreds of dollars for the kind of creative that George did for free. We’ve been with All About Atlanta for two years now and as I’m in the thick of everything, I see what they do and I highly recommend them. If your business can use upscale visitors to Atlanta, All About Atlanta brings them to your door. I know because I’m the one at the door when they come in.

JJ Cox

All About Atlanta delivers exactly what they say, the upscale visitor. Killearn Properties is in the business of selling housing lots to developers. We’ve always developed top flight golf courses within planned communities and then charged a premium for the lot such that the homeowners would have membership to the course for the cost of their houses. With the economy as it is, we’ve had a slow down in the sale of our lots and had to look at the golf courses as revenue generators making them public and fee based play. All About Atlanta absolutely brings us the weekday players who are visiting in Atlanta. These people don’t just play the course but they frequently spend money in our golf shop as well. Just this week there were two foursomes that we booked with All About Atlanta who purchased over $750 worth of golf equipment in addition to their fees. It is my contention that this is a market that we would never capture if it weren’t for All About Atlanta. It should be no surprise that since they work well for us as a destination outside Atlanta , someone inside Atlanta who wants the upscale visitor would do really well with them also.

John Couey
Durham Lakes Country Club - A Killearn Property

All About Atlanta is as popular amongst the Sales Team here at the Westin as it is with us concierges. It is the perfect magazine to distribute great information in the welcome bags of the conventioneers. The concierge desk seems to run out more often now .. Fortunately, you always deliver the All About Atlanta magazines when we run out, even if it’s in themiddle of the month. When it comes to what I like most about All About Atlanta I’m torn. As a concierge, they’re the perfect size for our guests to t ake with them. As a source of maps they’re direct and to the point. As a source of quality advertisers, they’re the top restaurants, retail, cultural venues, services and golf courses in the area. I also like that there isn’t any adult entertainment adv ertising so I’m not made to feel awkward or embarrassed when I distribute to our female guests. It makes perfect sense to me that anyone who advertises in All About Atlanta would see business from the upscale visitors to whom we distribute. That’s why I w asn’t surprised to see that so many of your testimonial letters were from both concierges and advertising establishments.

Wakeilo Towns, Concierge Westin Peachtree Plaza

All About Atlanta is a great magazine. We distribute them here at the Georgia Dome and everybody loves them. We also advertise our tours in All About Atlanta. I know this because I am located at the reception desk and I receive the people who come to take the tours that our ad in All About Atlanta generates. I believe that the Dome has been advertising with All About Atlanta for four or more years. I have even spoken with our management about how well the ads in All About Atlanta work when they have looked to see about renewing. I told them about how people come here holding All About Atlanta’s, pointing to the ad and asking to take the tours. In addition, we distribute All About Atlanta magazines at all the visitor’s desks throughout the dome. I can’t recommend All About Atlanta highly enough. They bring us a lot of tour business.

Roosevelt Simmons
Georgia Dome

The All About Atlanta magazine is a guide to Atlanta, primarily downtown, midtown, buckhead and the top-end which is featured on more front desks, concierge desks and tourist information spaces than just about any other publication.

I met George when I was running the marketing of the restaurants I managed. Being an advertising sales veteran, I was skeptical of his program and called over half of the advertisers in his booklet. Every single one of them gave shining reports on George and his company. The most significant compliments is that he did everything he said he would do and that he kept the magazines stocked.

His was the only publication that I endorsed as a solidly good idea where I was working. Plus, he was very reasonable to work with.

Dave Green
Common Sense Web Design

I’ve known George Bass and All About Atlanta since before my days at the Sheraton. All About Atlanta is a fantastic little guide that showcases the best restaurants and retail in town. It’s compact enough to travel nicely with our guests but high quality enough to be displayed at all the hotels with whom I’ve worked. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise to see them already at the Westin Buckhead and why Lisa and I specifically requested that George deliver All About Atlanta’s to W Atlanta Buckhead next door when we opened. It’s so easy to hand the All About Atlanta’s to our guests and even easier to use them to reference the current advertisers and maps inside. From a concierge’s perspective, it makes perfect sense that any company who wants to target the high end visitor to Atlanta should put an ad in All About Atlanta.

David-Michael Searcy
W Atlanta Buckhead

Mr. Bass. Thank you for giving us the All About Atlanta magazines for our family reunion at the Embassy Suites. As a local resident, I don’t normally spend a lot of time in our upscale hotels so I looked at all the available publications before choosing All About Atlanta to distribute to our 120 plus attendees. All About Atlanta has them all beat hands down! The where magazine I saw had nude bars and lots of articles that just seemed to take up space. It didn’t travel nicely and frankly, it didn’t add any value to Atlanta. There was a nice local publication that I saw but it was all about local neighborhood restaurants and had advertisers that weren’t of any interest to my guests such as printers and porsche dealerships. It also had articles about different men to watch in Atlanta which my family couldn’t care less about. The rest weren’t really usable. My guests are all coming from out of town and want to see restaurants that visitors want to visit, attractions that would hold their interest, clear maps and places to shop. All About Atlanta is exactly that! It fits in the palm of your hand, travels easily in your purse and I’m not embarrassed to have the children see it. Plus, if you like one of the advertisers, there’s an entire paragraph in the back that tells you all about them. One more thing, thanks for bringing the extra magazines to the hotel before the party. It says a lot when the hotel only has a few All About Atlanta’s left because the Embassy Suites has been passing so many out.

Laurie Wright
Johns Creek, GA

Thank you for providing us with the All About Atlanta magazines for the U.S. Department of Revenue convention that we had here in Atlanta. The brochures were fantastic as they fit neatly into each participant’s folders, had terrific places to eat and see and didn’t have any adult entertainment nightclubs. The directories in the back were also helpful so that we could read in detail what the advertisers offered. The All About Atlanta magazines were also a big hit with the participant’s spouses who used them as well. Thanks to All About Atlanta again for helping make this event even better.

Hester Howard
GA Department of Revenue

Thank you for sending me the All About Atlanta magazines for the wedding. When I looked at all the other publications I could put in the guests baskets, yours was the best hands down. It’s my pleasure to write you and let you know why. All About Atlanta is easy to carry, there are no topless bars, the advertisers are exactly the kind of places we want to patronize, and your maps are easy to read. If you print this and put it on your website, please make sure everyone knows that this is exactly the kind of publication that should be in every city across America. You’ve done something right.

Mable Gray
Dallas, Texas

I like the concept of “All About Chicago” and I had expected to hear a certain amount of positive feedback. I was not however prepared for the level of praise that each and every concierge expressed. The concierges expressed a high regard for the guide calling it “Sophisticated and to the Point”. The clarity and readability of the expert maps, plus the addition of cogent directories make the guide very appealing to front desk staff and guests alike. This graceful guide makes it a pleasure to help guests find good food and great times in the city. All About Chicago is a powerful advertising tool; I’m a huge fan and plan to keep a copy on hand wherever I go.

Brian Phelps,
Tavern on Rush

Ron Aures at the Drake calls it “the essential guide to Chicago”, Phillip Stone at the Embassy considers it “the city’s finest map structure”, and Luis Torres at the “W” “highly recommends the unique maps” and states that their “clarity and simplicity make his guests Chicago savvy and extremely happy”. We have developed a simple and elegant guide that the staff at the Sheraton Towers considers “Sophisticated and to the Point with a cleverly constructed collection of the city’s finest maps”.

All of us here at Ruth’s Chris are thrilled with “All About Chicago”. We have always believed in you and the superb way you target up-scale travelers. We are proud to be a part of your exceptional magazine for a third year.

Michael B. Schultz
Ruth’s Chris

Your sensational maps are Genius. They are the finest in the city and I absolutely love them

Mimi Ramos,
Dir. Marriott Spring Hill & Marriott Magnificent Mile

Tavern on Rush’ rarely advertises and before we choose “All About Chicago” I contacted 20 concierge desks. I was intrigued by the design of “All About Chicago” and I expected to hear positive feedback. I was not however prepared for the level of praise that I heard from each and every Hotel. The concierges expressed an extremely high regard for your magazine, calling it “Sophisticated and to the Point”. The clarity and readability of the expert maps, plus the cogent directories make the guide very appealing to Hotel staffs and guests alike. Your graceful guide makes it a pleasure to help guests find great food and good times in the city. “All About Chicago” is a powerful advertising tool: I’m a huge fan and I keep a copy on hand wherever I go. Thank you Bill for introducing us to “All About Chicago”,

Brian Phelps
Tavern on Rush

As you know I am a fan of your maps! Of all the maps I see on a daily basis I find “All About Chicago” maps the easiest to use and the clear favorite of our guests. I love the attention to details that others leave out.

Ryan Lettier,
Chef Concierge Hotel Monaco

Bill, I want you to know that we continue to receive excellent feedback from our visitors on “All About Chicago”. Believe it or not we are almost out of the 1,800 you brought to us 2 weeks ago. Thank you for your terrific maps especially the unique “State Street Map”

Darryl Dixon,
Mgr. of Visitors Services Dept. of Cultural Affairs Chicago

We are extremely happy that we choose to advertise in “All About Chicago”. Today we unanimously decided to renew our ad. Every week we see traffic in our restaurant and take delivery orders that are a direct result of our appearance in your magazine. Our ad is beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with the business that it has generated. Thank you for all of your help,

David Morton and Liz Schwartz Pompei

I highly recommend All About Chicago and its exceptional maps

Luis Torres,
C.C. “W” Lakeshore

We see many customers in “Cocoro” with a copy of “All About Chicago” in their hands. I love “All About Chicago” and the fantastic results that it brings us. We want to continue to be a part of it. Thank you very much!!

Yuko Genda
Cocoro Shabu de Fondue

To whom it may concern:

I own a tour company in Atlanta and was recommended to All About Atlanta by another tour company with whom we don’t directly compete. Having the good fortune to be located next to a visitor’s center desk (one of the places they distribute All About Atlanta), I watched people using the All About Atlanta magazines. I inquired with concierges at the larger hotels in downtown, as to their thoughts and the reviews were glowing. They told me how All About Atlanta is the first magazine to be used up because it grabs the guests attention with the proper name brand, people can carry it easiest and it travels better than the full sized publications. In fact, as I write this letter, I’m watching a group of five people walk past with All About Atlanta magazines in their hands! We specifically ask guests how they found out about our business, and we are able to track and see how our business has definitely picked up since advertising in All About Atlanta. I was so pleased with my results from All About Atlanta that I made my own brochures and started delivering them myself. Moreover, I was impressed by the responsiveness and customer service received from the All About Atlanta Team. What I found was that unless you take the time, like All About Atlanta does, to sit with each concierge and get to know them and "educate" them regarding your brochure (or in their case, the magazine), the concierges don’t do as effective a job distributing your promotional material. It makes sense to me that All About Atlanta has the time and energy to make sure all the concierges know All About Atlanta, know what’s inside the magazine and to "teach" the concierges how to use them. I’m a big fan of All About Atlanta. They’re priced less than all the other competitors, they’re more intelligently designed, they spend the time making sure their distribution channels are clear and they hit the perfect market for us.

Stephen Chester
Atlanta Cruzers

Thank you so much for providing the All About Atlanta magazines for the CDC convention in Atlanta at the Grand Hyatt. When I first saw All About Atlanta at the concierge desk I knew right away that this was exactly the publication I wanted for our meeting. While the other magazines also had maps, All About Atlanta didn't have any topless bars and was the perfect size for our packets. I plan all sorts of meetings and functions and know that when visitors have large magazine size pubs they tend to not use them as much. A small guide, like All About Atlanta fits the bill perfectly. Add to that the quality advertisers which are exactly the kind of businesses my clients want and All About Atlanta just makes the most sense.

Ramona Resto
Chameleon Professional Services

All About Atlanta is fantastic! I personally hand out the All About Atlanta guide all the time because there's no adult entertainment to embarrass our guests and it travels so well. Add to that the maps and the advertisers and it's the perfect aid for our guests. Thank you for producing such a quality publication over so many years.

Carla Lewis
Westin Peachtree

I started advertising my company, Balloons over Georgia, last year in All About Atlanta and have been very pleased. My only complaint so far has been the calls I’ve received from visitors who want to take a flight the same day because they’re leaving back for their hometown the next and I can’t accommodate them. For the rest of the business I’ve received, it’s almost all been during the weekdays (when I’m my slowest) and has always been from people who didn’t really ask about the cost. Clients from All About Atlanta are a lot different than working with locals who are concerned about spending money. I am absolutely renewing my ad with All About Atlanta.


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