Directing Traffic to the Website

All About Atlanta’s Premium Marketing Package

Here is the process Target Solutions is using to generate traffic for All About Atlanta’s Web site.

Help in creating three critical search terms in reaching the All About Atlanta target audience. We research what search terms are relevant to the All About Atlanta Web site indexed by what terms are actually be searched in the search engines and directories. We provide a report showing how often those terms have been searched for and how much competition there is for the term.

A report showing All About Atlanta’s ranking with the top Search Engine and Directories prior to Search Engine Positioning.

Suggest adjustments to the All About Atlanta Web site ( ) including adding text that includes the desired search terms on the home page, text links with important search terms linking to interior pages to help spiders find them, and developing a links page.

Making sure that the header tags (META Tags) are optimized so the META page title, META description and META keywords reflect All About Atlanta’s most important search terms.

Research shows 90 percent of all search engine traffic comes from a handful of search engines and directories. Here is how we concentrate on these engines:

A search engine sends an automated program called a spider to the Web site to collect data and bring it back to the engine’s database. When a user performs a search, the engine queries its database and ranks the pages for the term based on an algorithm. Since each engine has a different algorithm, we will create a unique page for each search term. These pages have the same look and feel as the rest of the site but its purpose is to rank high with the engines. These pages will link back to the site’s home page.

Manually submit the important pages to each major search engine when appropriate (over submission can create problems).

Manually submit to the major directories such as Yahoo!, (which gets you listed in Alta Vista) and Open Directory Project (to help with rankings in AOL Search and Netscape Search).

Research the appropriate category for Yahoo! Create a submission that capitalizes on the important search terms in the submission title and description while following all the Yahoo rules. Get a review within seven business days of submission.

Research the appropriate category for Open Directory Project. Create a submission that capitalizes on the important search terms in the submission title and description while following all the Open Directory Project rules.

Research appropriate Newsgroups and Message Boards in the marketing and advertising Internet community for All About Atlanta and post an announcement about your Web site.

Approach 25 appropriate non-competitive sites to trade links.

A report showing your search engine and directory rankings after six weeks and the resulting improvement in traffic.

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