All About Atlanta Magazine


All About Atlanta is a no-holds-barred advertising guide that targets the upscale business traveler and leisure visitor to Atlanta. Unlike traditional magazines that feature articles and treat advertisements as an annoyance on the periphery of the copy, All About Atlanta only showcases ads, maps and directories. When placed in a high gloss 3" X 8" directory format, this is a very successful means of reaching the affluent visitor as this target market doesn't have the time or desire to read articles. In fact, the upscale business traveler/leisure visitor only wants to see ads as opposed to reading articles. All About Atlanta is distributed at the major hotels in Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, and the Top End Perimeter as well as several clients who recognize high foot traffic of out of town visitors. All About Atlanta does not permit any adult entertainment advertisers.

Highlight on Hope. A news story solicited by Cox Radio

The Business Failings of Deep Discounted Sales Promotions. by Liz Davaney, Darkside Tours

Georgia Aquarium
Hard Rock
Landmark Diner
Eagle Rider

Peachtree Trolly
Twin Peaks