Graphic Design Guide

All About Atlanta is produced using Adobe Indesign

Images: Images accepted in a digital format. Please supply a CMYK Tiff file or EPS file at 300 DPI resolution at a size less than 3"x5". Reducing a photo more than 50% will result in a degraded image for reproduction.

Art: Art can be a vector EPS file from any art application. Illustrator 8 EPS file with images; parsed (not linked) is preferred.

Typeface/Font: If you prefer a certain font for use in your ad, you may name a font for us to use. If it is not in our library, we will try to replace it with a typeface of similar look and feel. Or we may need to charge a fee to purchase the font if you cannot supply it.

PDF: PDF files accepted with the following pre-sets...

  • Compression: Color Images Bicubic downsample at 300 dpi for images above 450 dpi, Max Quality. Grayscale Images Bicubic downsample at 300 dpi for images above 450 dpi, Max Quality. Monochrome images Bicubic downsample at 1,200 dpi for images above 1,800 dpi.
  • Marks and Bleeds: Turn on crop marks, bleeds, registration and color bars.
  • Advanced: Set color to CMYK and Transparency Flattener to high resolution.

Media: Images can be submitted on CD or e-mailed to We do not have an ftp site.

Publication Specifications:

Trim Size: 3 5/8" width X 8 3/8" height. This is the size of the publication

Ad Sizes:

Quarter page: 1 7/8" H X 3 1/8" W
Half page: 3 3/4" H X 3 1/8" W
Full page: 8 1/8" H X 3 1/8" W

Bleed: 1/4" for full sized ads and covers

Line Screen: 150 LPI

Website Banner Ad:
Dimensions: 150px W X 100px H (max)
Resolution: 72ppi
File Format: jpeg, gif, or png


Georgia Aquarium
Hard Rock
Landmark Diner
Eagle Rider

Peachtree Trolly
Twin Peaks