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All About Your City
1809 Lightwood Lane
Acworth, GA

Phone: (770) 529-0664
Fax: (888) 872-0262

The concept of All About Your City was designed with four main points in mind.

  1. Low start up cost
  2. Instant cash flow
  3. Business to business
  4. Repeat business

Low start up cost and instant cash flow allowed me, who was not wealthy, to begin an All About Your City. Business to Business afforded me a quality of life that most entrepreneurs don't get to experience and repeat business allowed me to grow my company exponentially each year.

This model worked for me because I, a salesperson, was married to a C.P.A. who could handle the book-keeping, invoicing, accounting, taxes, printing, graphic design and pre-press operations.

In cloning All About Your City it became very apparent that this model could be successful only if a salesperson could sign contracts and not have to worry about anything else. And thus, this book was written with a primary focus on securing contracts and a secondary focus on "passing off" all the other aspects of running a business that detracts from the only thing that makes you money, signing contracts.

If you are reading this introduction, then you meet the following requirements for being successful at an All About Your City.

  1. You are a salesperson.
  2. You have the financial ability to realize low cash flow your first two years in business.
  3. You want to own your own company but didn't know what you could do that would make you money.
  4. You know you can close sales but don't know enough about all the other facets of running a company to feel comfortable risking your financial future.

Though you will own a small company, you can still learn from big business. Big business models work because people follow the plan. This plan was written with one purpose only. That purpose is to insure your success long term. If you follow these instructions you will be successful. If you are successful you will make lots of money, work less than 40 hours per week, never travel, never work weekends and have no one to call boss.

Good Luck!

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