Highlight on Hope
A News Story
Solicited by Cox Radio

I saw on the Cox Radio website that Cox was looking for businesses that were successful in this downturn economy to report on the news. I’d like to tell you about my business.

My name is George Bass and in 1995 I started a visitor’s guide called All About Atlanta www.AllAboutAtlanta.net. We are a no-holds-barred advertising guide that caters to just the upscale business traveler and leisure visitor. Unlike traditional magazines that are 100 plus pages of article driven copy in which ads are an annoyance on the periphery, our format is simply ads, maps and directories in a 3” X 8” pocket sized guide. We distribute through Atlanta’s higher end hotels and other points of distribution that cater to this group. In addition, All About Atlanta has always been a mom and pop shop in which two people at All About Atlanta do the jobs for which other publications require 20.

The doom and gloom of this economy has proven to be fantastic for All About Atlanta because the upscale restaurants, retail, cultural venues, services and golf courses who used to spend a lot of money to shotgun market every visitor to Atlanta and then even more to target the 1, 3, and 5 mile radius local resident don’t have the financial means to do so any more but must still drive traffic. That’s where All About Atlanta comes in.

All About Atlanta’s prices are substantially less than all of our competitors and our target market is substantially tighter. Combine these two facts and now businesses with whom we never worked before are choosing to abandon their old ways and work with us. I just hope that when times do turn around they realize that their old habits weren’t cost effective and they keep working with All About Atlanta as not only do we drive more business than the cost of an ad but we do it more economically for the right advertisers.

Simultaneously, All About Atlanta is expanding across the country. I put a small ad in All About Atlanta for a business opportunity which is a secondary market as nobody picks up a visitor’s guide to find out about how to start a new company. Since doing so I’ve started All About Chicago and am finishing the paperwork to start All About Tampa.

Whenever I hear that people are afraid of this economy and what politicians are doing to this country I say the same thing. Working with the same status quo isn’t going to cut it in 2009. Hunkering down and hoping that your signage or word of mouth will keep you afloat won’t do it either. You have to take a pro-active approach and look to see if you have a market segment of upscale business travelers and leisure visitors as these are the only people left who are Monday through Thursday business, are price inelastic and are looking for a place to eat or something to do. If you can benefit from this market segment, then All About Atlanta is a proven publication that will keep this business coming through your door.

Maybe the good news is that these hard times have forced business owners to look at their companies, realize that what they were doing wasn’t as cost effective as it could be and that doing nothing will lead them to even more financial hard times. Fortunately, for All About Atlanta, we are the alternative for which they’ve been searching and our business is up.

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